Hydroxycut: Lose Belly Fat Pills a Problem?

by Kay Mason

I always found it difficult swallowing  larger pills.  But in the name of losing belly fat, where there’s a will there’s always a way.  Among other negatives, Hydroxycut pills have made some big improvements towards offering a much more user friendly and safer fat loss pill.hydroxycut ingredients Hydroxycut: Lose Belly Fat Pills a Problem?

Ephedra was the key ingredient that caused the FDA to crack down and force a massive Hydroxycut recall back in May 2009.   Instead of throwing in the sweaty gym towel Hydroxcut manufacturers eliminated ephedra and substituted a blend of natural fat burning extracts that in combination are capable of burning steel let alone fat cells.

Hydroxycut’s herbal weight loss formula takes advantage of a process that scientists call “thermogenesis”.   In short is uses heat is to burn or break down fat cells that are responsible for covering the muscles with veils of fat.  Hydroxycut works to stimiulate the  hormone production that inturn activates the heat or thermogenesis effect.

In addition to the benefit of added energy it also uses extracts know to curb hunger.  Hydroxycut doesn’t claim to be the only answer for dieters to lose belly fat fast.  Exercise and proper diet is highly recommended.

Does Hydroxycut work?

How can millions of consumers possibly be wrong?  As the number one selling weight loss drug within the U.S. and in over 70 countries worldwide, it would almost seem ridiculous if  Hydroxycut didn’t lose weight or fat.  In spite of recalls it’s endorsed by physicians including John Marshall, Nick Evans a well as top athletes, models, celebrities, and dieticians even.

But in my experience I found myself a bit over energized by the pills.  Since I feel I’m naturally energetic, I feel I could have managed to take half the recommended dosage (3 pills daily) and gotten more than enough benefit.  Without question Hydroxycut put me in an almost agressive mood.

Personally for what I am trying to achieve health wise, I find it a bit of an overkill.   However, I don’t see any Hydroxycut dangers or serious side effects unless it’s abused.  See Hydroxycut ingredients.

I know of some hard core bodybuilders that take a few just prior to intense workouts and as a result have seen a loss in bell fat.  However, others who are more down to earth in their approach to losing fat find it a bit over stimulating.   The Advanced Hydroxycut Muscletech formula (link below) contains 200mg of caffeine or 2 cups of coffee.

How much is Hydroxycut?

It was originally priced at $60 but can be purchased for less than $40 online.  You can try it out here: Muscletech Hydroxycut and get the option of a refund within 90 days.  Many retailers don’t offer that option for that long.  GNC offers only a 30 day return policy.

Check the link above for any available Hydroxycut coupon or discount trial offers.

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